Network Services that you can actually afford.

We use Ubiquiti Equipment. That means you can provide Wireless Internet access to HUNDREDS of users without going broke. Each Access point can provide Internet Access to over 100 users over 450ft. Depending on where they are located. We charge $229.00 each for them. (BIG SAVINGS) Actually, so does the company. See for yourself. Most of our competitors mark these things up. Sometimes A LOT!

Obviously, you will need to connect these to something for them to work. Well, there is good news on that front. We connect the Access Points to switches that also provide power. So there is no need to install expensive electrical work! (MORE SAVINGS)

We can use your existing Cat5 or Cat 5e wiring. (MORE SAVINGS) If you need additional wiring, we can usually do it for $350.00 per run.

This equipment can be monitored and maintained remotely as well. (STILL MORE SAVINGS)


We are experts at setting up Chromebooks!

If you run a school and are considering upgrading your current Computer Equipment, you really should consider using Chromebooks instead. They are substantially cheaper to purchase and maintain. The best part is they come with Google Apps for Education! Free! Three major advantages of using Chromebooks are;

  1. They don’t get viruses!
  2. They don’t store any information on the device itself. It’s stored in Google’s Cloud! That way, if your Chromebook dies, just pick up another one and all your stuff is instantly there!
  3. Google Apps for Education is "platform independent". That means it will run wherever you have a Chrome browser running. On a PC, Mac, iPad, Android, or iPhone!

What if you don’t run a school?

All the same things apply with one major difference. Google Apps costs $10.00 per user per month. But consider this; you’ll save a mountain of money on Microsoft Office, and viruses will be someone else’s problem.


If you acquired your Smartboard several years ago when everyone else did, then you probably are familiar with your projector getting “Spots”. This happens when something called “Micro Mirrors” become defective. The only fix is to send the projector out for expensive repairs or replace the projector completely.

In most cases, we can replace your current Smartboard projector with a new NEC projector and a new arm for $1350.00! INSTALLED!! Even if this is not your problem we can provide a full range of Smartboard services.

E-Rate Support

If you run a school, you are probably familiar with the Federal Government’s E-Rate Program. You’ve probably gone crazy with all the forms and deadlines. Maybe you’ve even given up in frustration. Well, we make it SIMPLE! Here is what you really need to know; the E-Rate is about MONEY! Let us help you get what’s yours. This is our least expensive service! We provide E-Rate assistance FOR FREE! Just contact us. We will help you through it.

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